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Terms Of Service

Before ordering from us you are consenting to the terms contained in this document.  Please be sure to read these terms in order to avoid miscommunication.  Understand that by using our site, and placing and order through us, you are agreeing to these Terms of Service.  If you have any questions, you may contact us via phone or email.

Seriously this stuff.  It'll only take five minutes of your life, and it's extremely important.

1. By ordering from us, or by using our website, you are consenting to this Terms of Service.  You are also acknowledging that you understand and agree to the terms outlined on our Guarantee page.  If you do not agree with or consent to any clause within this document, or within our guarantee page, please refrain from using or ordering from this website.  Thank you!

2. Wild Caught animals are guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy. We do our best to treat for possible parasites but sometimes it is inevitable, and even undetectable.  We do not guarantee WC animals to be free of parasites. The best course of action is to get a fecal check done by a qualified vet or individual as soon as the animal is settled in to determine if further medication is required. Fecal examinations are inexpensive and we recommend them for any animal you purchase anywhere whether it be WC or CB.

3. We can not, and will not be held accountable for the actions of the animals purchased from us.  Please understand that these are not domesticated animals, and that no matter how unlikely, anything with teeth CAN bite.  Some of the animals we sell have teeth, claws, strong muscles, venoms, or poisons.  By purchasing from us, you are acknowledging that you are aware of this, and that you can not, and will not hold First Choice Reptiles liable for the actions of any animal purchased from us, or for any problems that may arise from the ownership of an animal purchased from us.  This may include, but is not limited to disease, veterinary bills, property damage, personal injury, etc.

4. As mentioned on our guarantee page, the guarantee on WC animals is for 24 hours from the time of shipment delivery.  We offer NO guarantee, however, for negligence on the part of the recipient.

5. As mentioned on our guarantee page, CB animals come with a 3 day health guarantee. We offer NO guarantee, however, for negligence on the part of the recipient.

6. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR IMPULSE BUYS.  Please ensure that you do sufficient research on the species you select BEFORE purchasing!  We advocate personal responsibility, and we require it on the part of our customers.  These are LIVE ANIMALS with needs, not merchandise to be discarded at the buyers' convenience.  Please be considerate and make the effort to educate yourself; we are certain you will be much happier as a result!

7. You must notify us of any DOAs within 4 hours of the shipments arrival. Photos are almost always required for DOA animals.  The best method of contact for this process is via email, since the email will be time stamped.  This helps to keep everyone honest, and they say that's the best policy...

8. If you recieve a DOA animal, you will receive a credit for the purchase price of that individual animal MINUS (ie NOT INCLUDING) any shipping costs.  The cost of shipping does not go to us; we don't keep it, it doesn't benefit us, it is the necessary cost that allows for the convenience of receiving an exotic animal at your door.  Please understand this, and if you're not comfortable with this idea, we encourage you to withhold your order.  Additionally, we do not provide refunds for DOA animals.  We provide a replacement animal, or a credit for another species of your choosing.  The choice is yours and we do our best to accomodate your needs.  We are honest people, and we're not out to rob anyone.  Additionally, remember that a calm, cool head goes much further than outrage.  We understand that it is a difficult thing to receive a loss, and trust us, it's no easier for us.  So make the best out of a bad situation and help us to help you.

9. All animals are represented to the best of our ability.  We take photos of animals that we have in stock that we believe are representative of the species.  Due to natural variation in animal coloration, they may not look exactly like the individual pictured.  We cannot offer any guarantee on this.  We do our best to hand select the nicest looking individuals, however no warranty or guarantee is expressed or implied.  Which leads us to...

10. We're really sorry folks, but we do not have the manpower to take individual photos of every animal so that you can make a specific choice.  Due to the OVERWHELMING number of inquiries we receive on a daily basis, we simply don't have the manpower to keep up. 

11. Some animals are not accurately sexable. If this is the case we will sell the animals as unsexed.  If you have questions about the gender availability of a species, please don't hesitate to contact us, we're here to help.

12.  We do not warranty the information on our site.  We do our best to keep our information accurate and up-to-date, but all information, in whatever form, is provided AS IS with no warranty expressed or implied.  Remember folks, don't believe everything you read on the internet.  Do your research, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.  If you think we got something wrong, hey, you can point that out too.  We can't guarantee we'll agree with you, but to err is human, and I guess we kinda qualify for that title...

13. CHARGEBACKS ARE ILLEGAL and considered a fraudulent activity.  Customers who initiate chargebacks on us will be blacklisted from our site, and we may choose to pursue legal action.  We take this sort of behavior very seriously.

14. Shipping costs are not refundable under any circumstances.  This charge does not go to benefit us in ANY way.  In fact, we generally lose money by trying to provide one of the lowest rates out there for our customers.  We also cannot guarantee arrival times.  If you have a complaint about the courier, feel free to let us know, but the complaint really needs to be addressed to them, as we are not affiliated with them as a company, and thus can't control their behavior in any way.


Please understand that we do our absolute best to get your purchase to you free from any avoidable issues, but remember also that we are HUMAN and cannot yet control the cosmos.  These are LIVE ANIMALS, and though we try to select only the healthiest individuals for shipping, we simply cannot control every possible aspect of the shipping process.  If you have any questions about our TOS, as outlined above, please ask us BEFORE placing your order.  If you have an issue with your order please contact us as soon as possible and we'll do our best to resolve the problem.  We look forward to your business, and thanks for making us your First Choice!

          -First Choice Reptiles Staff

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