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Shipping & Returns

Thank you for purchasing with First Choice!  We know you have a lot of choices out there, and we're incredibly thankful that you've decided to make us your First Choice!  This page will help you get a good idea of when to expect your new arrival, and what to do in case something goes wrong, or what to do if, for whatever reason, you need to get something back to us.  Give it a read-through, and as always, never hesitate to shoot any questions our way!

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All live animals are shipped via FedEx overnight services, which allows us to ensure that no ill comes to your animal before they make it to you.  Delta and Southwest airport to airport shipping is available for domestic orders, and is recommended for large orders or large animals such as tortoises, etc.  FedEx overnight shipping is provided at a flat rate of $39 USD for any animal purchased from First Choice.  Orders within the state of Florida will be processed for a reduced rate of only $25 USD due the the geographic savings provided to us by FedEx for in-state delivery.

Please be aware that orders can be shipped only on Monday through Thursday for delivery the following day.  We do not have weekend deliveries available, so any order placed on Friday (or Thursday after the close of business at 5pm Eastern) will be scheduled to go out the FOLLOWING Monday unless another day is requested.  If you write us a note with your requested shipping day [date] in the comments section during checkout, it will make this a lot easier, because otherwise there's a high likelihood that we may not get the information in time if it is emailed (we do have a pretty high email volume!).

Orders will be processed within 1-3 business days during normal times of the year, but please expect that further delays are possible during busy times of year, during shipping holidays, and due to inclement weather (for the animal's safety).  If you have questions, please ask! 

After your animal ships, you will be emailed a FedEx tracking number so that you can follow your order to your door and ensure its safety and security.  If you require a specific day to receive the shipment (day off, etc), please drop us a line via email to inform us of your request, and we'll be sure to accomodate your needs.  If you have a specific deadline, please be sure to contact us before ordering to ensure that we can meet it for you.  Please keep in mind that we do our best to keep inventory current and up-to-date, but occasionally items do sell out before we are able to make adjustments.  In the event that this should occur, you will be notified, and you can choose to wait for your animal to come back into stock, or you can opt for a refund or credit with FCR.  

PLEASE BE SURE TO RETAIN ALL ORIGINAL PACKAGING WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR ORDER UNTIL YOU ARE SURE THAT ALL IS WELL.  In the event that you should need to get the animal back to us for any reason, we require you to use the original packaging in which the animal was shipped, so as to ensure its safe return.

Shipping costs are not refundable under any circumstances.  This charge does not go to benefit us in ANY way.  In fact, we generally lose money by trying to provide one of the lowest rates out there for our customers.  We also cannot guarantee arrival times.  If you have a complaint about the courier, feel free to let us know, but the complaint really needs to be addressed to them, as we are not affiliated with them as a company, and thus can't control their behavior in any way.


International Shipping

We are an export business, in addition to an importer, and we ship to countries around the globe.  We do maintain a minimum international order amount of $2,000 USD, and require the buyer to pay all foreign export costs, as well as the importation costs required on their end.  Some species are not available for export.  Please contact us to discuss your order and we will be able to make any clarifications you need.  Export orders are paid in advance and in full.  Proof of any DOA animals will be required via photographic evidence, after which you will be credited to your account for future orders.  It is the buyer's responsibility to be aware of all restrictions associated with live animal importation in their own country, as well as individual species restrictions as they pertain to your country's government.  It is also the buyer's responsibility to have all proper documentation required to import said animals, and FCR can not be held accountable for any buyer's failures regarding these requirement.

Returns Policy

We reserve the right to abstain from accepting any returns without prior notification and agreement.  If you haven't contacted us, and we haven't given you the okay, please don't ship anything back to us, and please do not expect compensation for having done so.  In general, returns, refunds, and credits are accepted and issued on a case by case basis.  We are honest, hardworking people who love our animals, and love what we do, and while we do everything we can to ensure our customers' satisfaction, we also have to take measures to protect ourselves from the more unscrupulous people of the world.  We are no stranger to fraudulent behavior, so we take considerable time to evaluate each case and ensure that everyone comes out with the best possible result.  Never hesitate to contact us in the event that you are dissatisfied, and we'll do everything in our power to make it right.  

In the event that we authorize a return on an animal, we want to ensure that it arrives healthy, and in the same condition it was in when it originally left our care.  Via email or fax (your choice), we will send you a pre-paid shipping label through FedEx.  Using a quality packing tape, simply affix the label to the top of the closed original shipping box containing your animal, and drop the parcel off at your nearest FedEx shipping hub location.  PLEASE BE SURE TO RETAIN ALL ORIGINAL PACKAGING WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR ORDER.  You will be required to use the same packaging in order for us to ensure that the animal is as climate-controlled as possible on its return journey.


Thank you so much for your order, and for continuing to make us your First Choice!  We hope you thoroughly enjoy your new addition(s)!

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