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Pair of Yunnan Mountain Rat Snakes For Sale

RRP: $600.00
$550.00 (You save $50.00)

Product Description

Pair of Yunnan Mountain Rat Snake For Sale  

Oreocryptophis porphyraceous pulchra  

One of the most stunning Rat Snake species on the planet, the Yunnan Mountain Rat Snake displays a background color of blood red to a deep reddish-orange with black banding that is bordered with yellow.  Though difficult to come by, these amazing snakes are incredibly rewarding to keep and to breed, as they can be quite active, and with regular handing, can be quite tractable as well.  They are primarily a fossorial species, preferring to burrow when able, but are also capable climbers and swimmers.  The most recent subspecies of Oreocryptophis prphyraceous to enter the captive market, they originate from China, but from a montane region, so they don't tolerate high temperatures, preferring the 70's to low 80's instead.  Plenty of moisture is the preferred environment for these animals, but dry areas should be offered as well so as to prevent any skin conditions.  A basin of wet sphagnum moss can help provide needed moisture and humidity, whilst not leaving the whole enclosure too wet for comfort.  Of course a separate water bowl should be provided at all times.  Rarely growing much over 3 feet in length, these are also the smallest of the 4 major "porph" subspecies, but though they can be tamed, handling should usually be kept short in duration, in part because of their sensitivity to heat (ie your hands).  Hides are invariably valued by this species, and several options should be provided in different areas of the thermal gradient of their enclosure.  These animals are very infrequently available, and are truly extraordinary to behold, so if we've got them, give them a try, you won't regret it!  Price is per 1.1 pair.

Bottom Line?

Seriously, look at these things; beautiful, manageably sized, not terribly tough to keep, rodent eaters, do well at room temperature...seriously, these snakes are awesome.  Just make sure you have a bit of experience before considering these gems.

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