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Pair of Indian Star Tortoises For Sale


Product Description

Pair of Indian Star Tortoises For Sale  

Geochelone elegans  

Relatively small among Tortoises for sale, the Indian Star Tortoise is one of the most attractive and sought after Chelonians.  They are not particularly large, and generally don't exceed 12 inches in carapace length (females only, and this is unusually large), however the stark linear and geometric patterning of alternating black and yellow/white, in conjunction with the almost pyramidal carapace scutes makes for one impressive visual display.  The diet of the Star consists largely of low-nutrition grasses, which it grazes on throughout its day.  In fact, higher nutrition fruits, which contain natural sugars, can actually cause health problems in this species.  Cacti, as well as various flowers and weeds also make up a part of the natural diet of the Star, though in captivity, large quantities of dark leafy greens, as well as various grasses make for the best balance.  If allowed to graze outdoors, ensure that the vegetation the Tortoise has access to is not treated with insecticides, herbicides, or other toxins.  Aside from the fiscal investment, these animals are an investment in time, as many of them can live to exceed the lifespan of their owners, reaching up to, and occasionally over 80 years of age.  They are not fans of the cold, and should be provided with relatively high temperatures on a continuous basis, with 70-75*F being about the lowest that they tolerate for any duration.  Though beautiful and endearing, these tortoises are really best left to those who know their way around the hobby.

Bottom Line?  

A tortoise for the advanced keeper, the Indian Star Tortoise is an absolute gem among Chelonians, displaying one of the most attractive shells around, and a love of warmth and plentiful vegetation.

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