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Our Guarantee

     Here at FCR, we have lots of priorities.  We import animals from around the world, trying to bring you the coolest new things that we can find.  We juggle dozens of business responsibilities.  We ponder the meaning of life.  And of course we try our best to figure out why cat videos on YouTube are so damn entertaining... 

     But above all else, our priorities are two: 

  • To keep our animals healthy and happy, and;
  • To satisfy our customers, keeping them stoked so they'll want to come back and see us again.

     It's a tough thing, trying to balance those two because they don't always work together.  Sometimes things happen that are outside of our control (that is until we figure out how to control the WHOLE world...), and sometimes people do things once they receive our animals that we simply can't help.  So in order to make everyone as happy as possible, we present:


        The FCR Guarantee:


  • FCR guarantees a LIVE ARRIVAL on every animal that we ship.  We can only guarantee this on the FIRST delivery attempt.  Someone must be present to accept the animal when they arrive.  We ship all animals priority overnight (excepting inverts) to ensure their safe delivery, but if no one is there to receive them, we cannot be there to care for the animal.  PLEASE ensure that you'll be available to receive your animal before you order!  In addition, we ask you to understand that live animals, yes, even reptiles, are fragile, and cannot withstand extremes of temperature.  Therefore this guarantee will only stand when your regional temperatures are above 32 degrees F, and below 90 degrees F*.  We do our best to be as up-to-date as we can, but at the end of the day, the responsibility rests on your shoulders to inform us if your temperatures will be outside these extremes.  Be considerate of your new pets!  We can always wait to ship until conditions improve!
  • FCR guarantees all Amphibians for sale and all Wild Caught Reptiles for sale on our site for 24 hours after purchase.  We take pride in the care we take of our animals, so we guarantee them to be healthy when you receive them!  When they leave our possession and arrive into a customer's custody, however, we can no longer control their environment, or where and how they are kept.  Many retailers will not offer any guarantee beyond arrival, but we are proud of and confident in the health and quality of our animals, so we back 'em with more than just our word.
  • FCR guarantees all Reptiles for sale listed as 'Captive Bred' for 3 days from the time of delivery.  It's well known in the hobby that Captive Bred animals have a tendency to adapt better to the conditions of captivity than Wild Caught animals will.  Because of this, we're willing to offer our exclusive extended guarantee on any reptiles for sale on our site that are marked as being 'Captive Bred'.  We want you to feel confident when you place an order with us that you are buying from people who will have your back when something happens that is beyond your control.  After all, it's our goal to be, and to remain, your First Choice. 


     Most competitors don't guarantee their animals at all, and many don't guarantee them beyond arrival.  We do our best to ensure that you can be confident when you purchase from us, because we are confident that we take the best care of our animals that anyone possibly could.  Our staff possesses countless hours of experience with innumerable reptile species, and we put that experience to work, making sure that our animals get the best day-to-day care possible.  Because of this, we offer you the FCR Guarantee.

     We also understand that the world is a capricious, roiling morass of unpredictablly volatile circumstances, and that the vicissitudes of fate only sporadically favor our predictions, perhaps due to nothing more than blind coincidence.  SO...if for some reason tragedy strikes and you're forced to use our guarantee, then we'll need to ask a few things of you.

  • We require photographic evidence in the event of a DOA. 
  • You must contact us within 24 hours of the loss to validate your claim.  Claims made outside of this timeframe cannot be verified and will not be honored.
  • Please understand that we cannot refund the cost of shipping, only the cost of the animal.

     Upon verification of your claim, you will have the option of a refund to the payment method you used for your purchase, or a replacement animal.  If you choose the former, a refund will be initiated by us within 48 hours of our communication validating your claim.  If you opt for a replacement animal, we will discuss the details of this process with you, and ensure that you get your animal as soon as is humanly possible.  In the event that we are out of stock on your species at that point, you can choose to wait until they become available again, holding a credit with FCR, or you can opt instead for a refund.

     Our goal is to keep our animals and our customers as happy as is humanly possible, so we go out of our way to make sure everything is as clear as it can be (hey, writing this stuff isn't easy after all!).  If for any reason something is unclear, or you have any additional questions, never hesitate to ask us!  We're here to help, and the ability to communicate with us is just one small part of what makes the First Choice experience great!  We're here to help, and we thank you for continuing to make us your FIRST CHOICE!


*In some instances, we may be able to offer a guarantee despite temperatures, so long as you inform us of your weather patterns beforehand.  Please contact us to discuss details and we'll be happy to try to work with you!

**First Choice Reptiles reserves the right to enforce and uphold this guarantee at OUR DISCRETION. We do our very best to do right by our customers, but we do reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.  Terms are subject to change without notification.  

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