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Halmahera Giant Geckos For Sale


Product Description

Halmahera Giant Gecko For Sale   

Gehyra marginata   

Often called the Vorax gecko (incorrectly, as the Vorax is actually a remarkably rare species, and all but unheard of in captivity), the Halmahera is also commonly referred to as the "Poor Man's Leachianus" or "Leachie" for short, as many consider them to closely resemble the visually spectacular New Caledonian Giant Gecko.  Perhaps by coincidence, the Halmahera's care is actually quite similar to that of the N.C. Giant, though they do prefer warmer temperatures than their titanic cousins.  A nocturnal species, most people don't consider UV a necessity, and in our experience, that holds true, but they do seem to prefer a vertical enclosure, and are more likely to be found perched on a wall than under any hides.  These guys seem to do well on a diet of insects crested gecko diet (or high quality fruit based baby foods), and occasional honey, though there is still some contention as to what constitutes an 'ideal' diet for the species.  Becaues of their relative obscurity, they're probably best left to the more experienced gecko keeper, but are certainly not unmanageable.   

Bottom Line?   

A large and impressive nocturnal, arboreal (sticky) gecko species that can reach nearly a foot in length, the Halmahera gecko is a beast of the gecko world, and a more affordable and forgiving alternative to the larger, even more obscure New Caledonian Giant, though they are really best left to more experienced hobbyists.   

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  1. only one of 3 that arrived active. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Dec 2016

    This little guy arrived and was pretty active. I still haven't seen him eat and he is starting to go back and forth from his relaxed light color to his dark brown more stressed color. The Peters banded skink that he came with was missing all his toes on his front right foot. I wasn't invited to review the Peters Banded Skink.

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