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Desert Horned Lizards For Sale


Product Description

Desert Horned Lizard For Sale   

Phrynosoma cornutum   

Many an American from the Southwestern states will recal playing with these somehow contradictory adorable, yet fearsome looking little devils.  Undoubtedly, a lot of you will remember them as Horny Toads, but given the...other...ways...that can be taken...well, we'd just rather call them by their other name.  Cute as they may be, however, the horned lizards are not for the beginning hobbyist.  They require hot temperatures, but need respite from those temps offered, water provided via a dripper or mister on a regular but relatively infrequent basis, minimal handling, due to their skittish nature, but most notably, at least 50-75% of their diet must be comprised of ants, a relatively difficult commodity to come by.  There are places to acquire ants online, and it really should be done this way, as locally collected ants run the risk of carrying pesticides with them.  This is an imperative, however, as horned lizards kept without ants tend to languish and eventually perish within a matter of a few months.  That said, with a little research, these animals are in no way unmanageable, and the rewards are fantastic, as a little colony of horned lizards are an absolute nirvana to watch.  Oh yeah, and there's always that super cool trick of shooting blood from their eyes when frightened...  We only have them occasionally, so pick them up while they're here!   

PLEASE check your local laws, as these animals are not legal to keep in some US states.

Bottom Line?   

Adorable spiny little devils from the American Southwest, these little charmers are best left to experienced herpers, as their relative fragility and dietary requirement of ants makes them just a bit too challenging for the casual enthusiast.   

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