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Common Collared Lizard For Sale

RRP: $30.00
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Product Description

Common Collared Lizard For Sale  

Crotaphytus collaris  

With beautiful colors, energetic behavior, high metabolism, fast locomotion, and impressive appetite, these little guys are a North American gem.  Well suited to the desert environment, these diurnal lizards make an excellent display specimen, as they are both highly active, and are more social when placed in groups than many other lizards, though their inherent territoriality means that males shouldn't be housed communally without large expanses of space for them to establish separate domains.  So what should that domain look like?  Well, sand, a few big rocks that make up hides and climbing areas, a small water bowl...a cacti if you'd like...warm temps, and a hot basking area on one side, so that the lizards can choose their micro-climate depending on their needs.  They are ecto-thermic after all!  They do well feeding on crickets and other commonly available feeder insects, and can consume a startling number of them when available.  Though not necessarily the most amiable when it comes to handling, don't underestimate the hours of entertainment they can provide as a little desert circus.   

Bottom Line?   

Though maybe not the most handleable, they are attractive, amusing, affordable, and a great choice for any level of keeper.   

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