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Chuckwalla Lizards For Sale


Product Description

Chuckwalla Lizards For Sale

Sauromalus ater (formerly S. obesus)

A Western US species of Iguanid, Chuckwallas (or Chuckawallas) derive their name from a Native American title, and are known for their inriguing behavior of darting into rock crevices the moment they notice a threat, inflating their lungs, and thus wedging themselves into an area of protection to avoid predation.  With the right setup, this behavior can even be witnessed in captivity, though despite only growing to about 16 inches in length, they do require plenty of space to accomodate their sometimes flighty and hyper behavior.  A desert species, these guys like a rocky enclosure with a sandy substrate, and prefer high temperatures, with a basking area over the 100 degree F mark.  A small water bowl generally covers their needs (be smart, keep it on the cooler end of the enclosure!), as they are primarily herbivores, and should be offered a high-nutrient high-water content salad each day.  They will also take occasional feeder insects, but this should be relegated to a secondary dietary tier in their case.  Relatively easy to tame, these guys make awesome desert display denizens, as they are highly active, and display amusing behavior traits, including social interactions between individuals.  They are manageable by beginners, but require a relatively large enclosure for their size, so this should warrant some consideration before purchase.

Bottom Line?

Not terribly tough to care for, very amusing to watch, reasonably tractable, and boy do they love it hot...the Chuckwalla is considered by many to be one of the definitive species of the American West.

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