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Bearded Dragons For Sale


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Bearded Dragon For Sale  

Pogona vitticeps  

The preeminent, the one and only.  If you don't know what this animal is, you've been acting just like one, living under a rock and eating crickets.  Why eating crickets?  I don't know, just go with it.  Anyway, the Bearded Dragon came into the hobby and practically overnight dethroned the Green Iguana as the dominant species selling in the hobby.  An entire industry sprung up around just this one animal, breeding various color morphs, sizes, and so one.  Why so seriou...I mean popular?  Well, they're hardy, awesome looking, physically sturdy, easily tamed, and personable in ways that many other reptilian species can only envy from their lonely tanks, while throngs of new herpers are led straight to the enclosure of these little spike balls by pet store employees everywhere.  While it's easy to forget the ubiquitous Bearded Dragon with what we do here at FCR, bringing in the weird and unusual, we decided that it was high time to pay homage to the species that gets so many into the hobby by offering them for sale right here in our ranks (for those of you reading this in the future, this was seriously like the...three hundred and...twenty...fourth product we added to our site...).  Anyway, here's the short and easy:  An arid climate animal, they do well in relatively low humidity with a sand or similar substrate, a water bowl, and a heat and ultraviolet lamp, and loads of crickets and other insects for food.  That's pretty much it.  They tolerate unusually high amounts of handling, will generally just chill on your shoulder whilst you go about your day, and are pretty much just all around cool beginners friendly lizards.  Oh, and they're pretty photogenic to boot.  So for those uninitiated, there's your introduction.  Now bring one home!  

Bottom Line?  

Do they really need one?  Easy.  Hardy.  Tolerant.  Beautiful.  Amusing.  __________ <--  insert positive adjective here.  Are you new to the hobby?  This is your first stop.  Are you a herpetological veteran?  Well then what are you doing reading this???   

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