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Asian Vine Snakes For Sale


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Product Description

Asian Vine Snake For Sale   

Ahaetulla prasina   

A curiousity of the serpentine world, the Asian Vine Snake draws its name from both the broad swath of Asia it inhabits, and its remarkably long, lithe, and slender body, which some clever scientist thought resembled a vine.  Their idiosyncrasies, however, don't end simply with their name.  These colubrids are almost exclusively lizard eaters, and are opisthoglyphous, or 'rear fanged', possessing enlarged, grooved rear teeth across which a mild venom passes that is implemented to immobilize their saurian prey items.  The venom is widely regarded as harmless to humans, though care should always be taken, as each person reacts differently to venoms, and allergies to it are not unknown.  In addition to this, they have evolved a bizarre set of eyes which implement horizontal, almost keyhole shaped pupils, and are set forward on the snakes head, providing it with a level of binocular vision not found in most other snake genuses.  Finally, their bright green to greenish-blue coloration gives way to an alternating pattern of black and white flecks when threatened, a pattern which hides just beneath the surface of their scales, displayed by puffing and expanding the proximal region of their body.  Alien appearances aside, this graceful slender serpent is a pleasure to keep, and an active, captivating tank denizen.  It prefers somewhat high humidity, drinking from droplets (acheived by spraying the enclosure with water), a rather hot basking area, and plenty of purchases, including live plants where feasible.  For many of the aforementioned reasons and more, we do not suggest this species to beginners, despite their truly arresting appearance.  They are best kept by the more advanced colubrid hobbyist, but for those up to the challenge, these beauties are truly spellbinding.   

Bottom Line?   

A visually resplendent species, the Asian Vine Snake is a pleasure (though at times a challenge) to keep, and though thoroughly rewarding, should only be considered by those who understand its needs and are prepared to accomodate them.   

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