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First Choice Reptiles is an import/export and retail business founded on the premise that the herp lover's choice does not have to be restricted to the same five or ten species that cover the tables at every expo.  We love the weird, the wild, the unusual, the uncommon, and it is these types of animals that frequent our pages.  Never content with the norm, we've personally travelled the world to bring you animals from the most obscure corners of the globe.

Nick and one gigantic Bufo Guttatus (Smooth Side Toad).

Founded in 1999 by Nick Mole and Adam Riley, FCR germinated its now deep running roots on the reptile expo circuit, selling custom built vivariums and vivarium supplies.  Extending from that initial success, it began to grow by including small breeding projects, including several chameleon and dart frog species.  From there, we began extending into the realm of importation, exploring new possibilities for the reptile hobby as it stood.  

By 2005, we began work with a prominent reptile farm and export facility in Arusha, Tanzania, that specializes in many of the most rare and exclusive herps on the African continent.  Two years later in 2007, Nick personally travelled to Tanzania to visit the farm and formed a close relationship with owner Joe Beraducci, kicking off a period that saw FCR bring a series of species to the hobby that had never yet been imported to the United States. Among these were F1 individuals of the Chameleon species Bradypodian uthmoelleriKinyongia tenue, and Kinyonia oxyrhinum.  We have also gone on to become the first in the US to legally import the spectacular Electric blue day geckos (Lygodactylus williamsi), as well as R. accuminatus (the rare Montane Pigmy chameleon), African Mole snakes (Pseudaspis cana), Flap-Shell turtles (Cycloderma frenatum) and the very rare and illustrious Gastropholis prasina.  Most recently in 2013, we were proud to become the first to import a previously undescribed species of Harlequin Toad (Atelopus sp.) from Suriname.  We continue to search across the globe to bring new, interesting, and beautiful animals into the hobby.

Nick hand selecting Farm Raised reptiles in Benin.

We always strive to bring our customers the newest animal on the market, even if they are not the most popular.  We get our jollies from the oddball species and know there are those of you out there who are just like us.  Our mission is to continue to find and offer these unique animals, along with the more common and popular animals of the trade, so as to provide for the entire herpetological community, both expert and novice alike.

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